Multimedia Developer, Artist, and Entrepreneur, born and raised in the Silicon Valley, with a love for computers, art, and all things technology.

Raised in the mecca of innovation, I was exposed to hi-tech ideas at a very young age. I built my first website at age 12 and was fascinated by media arts as a teenager. Through highschool, I attended years of Multimedia courses continued this through college, and have earned a Certificate in Multimedia. I’ve been doing freelance work since age 16, and started my first company at age 20. My main goal is to fuse art and technology in ways that were never thought possible.

My best skill is front-end and some back-end web development. I love writing clean code and I enjoy the challenges that it brings. I’m experienced with HTML5, PHP, SQL, CSS3, Javascript, and many JS libraries. I’m also a very keen learner, and can adjust to adapting circumstances with ease.

My other focus is Stage Production, Visual Programming and Projection Mapping. See more here: Opticali


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