I'm a Multimedia Producer, a Graphics Engineer, a Developer, and an Entrepreneur, born and raised in the Silicon Valley. I have a passion for technology, art, and everything between.

Raised in the mecca of technology, I was exposed to computers at a very young age. I built my first website at age 10 and was fascinated by digital media arts throughout high school, and attended years of Multimedia courses into college. I've been working freelance projects since age 16, and started my first company at age 20.

I'm a front-end UI web developer and I love writing clean code. I enjoy the challenges coding websites brings and am always looking for new ways to expand my horizons with programming in general. I'm experienced with HTML5, PHP, MySQL, CSS3, Javascript for web development.

I'm also an experienced Interactive Engineer, having been involved in (and in some cases have lead) development on projects for ultra high profile events, garnering hundreds of millions of viewers. The main software for these projects was Touchdesigner, which I've been developing with for 5 years.

My end goal is to fuse art and technology in ways never thought possible.

Sevag Chanchanian


Recent Photos

These are just some of the photo’s I’ve taken recently.


Deem Homepage Redesigns

These new homepage designs were the beginning of a movement to add branding and standardize the look and feel across the company’s various products.

Prior to these changes, most Rearden products had individual styles and branding. This exercise was overall meant to make it easier to comprehend how vast the Deem product is and what it has to offer.

The design was created by the UI team, then given to me to build and implement using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. Both projects coded in 2-3 weeks.

Deem Testimonial – Sweet Revenge

This video is a customer testimonial video for ‘Deem’ I made during my time at Rearden Commerce.

The footage was shot by an amateur cameraman with no planning or pre-production. It was my job to choose content, find the right dialogue, edit the video, clean up the video and audio quality, and create all of the logo animations.

The result came out very nicely, and was featured on the front page of the company website for some time.

Deem Demo Videos

These videos were made for Rearden Commerce for marketing and training purposes.

Allied Landscape Services

This website was 100% custom built from the ground up for a local landscaping company.

The design was put together by the company designer, then was given to me to build. The entire site was completed within 4 weeks.

Visit Site: contactallied.com

Parmigiano “Crack Heard ’round the World” 2012

This video was made for Whole Foods Market in Blossom Hill (San Jose, CA).

“Every Whole Foods in the world cracks open an 80lb wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, making it the worlds largest ‘cheese cracking.’ The challenge in each store, who can break open their wheel of the fastest. Let the cheese begin!”

I was given the role of making an interesting video out of the event to show to other stores. I came up with the interview concept, filmed the event, then edited the video in my spare time for the next few days.

Reidy Bail Bonds

This site was built for a local bail bonds company. Some key features are the custom location finder, and individual landing pages for each area code and city that the company serves, for marketing purposes.

This site was built onto an existing wordpress template to keep the project budget friendly for the client.

Visit Site: reidybailbonds.com

Whole Foods: Core Values Video

This video was made for Whole Foods Market in Blossom Hill (San Jose, CA). The short 3 minute video was meant to showcase the “Core Values” of Whole Foods which are bestowed upon all of its employees.

I was given complete creative freedom for this project. With the Whole Foods ‘Core Values’ in mind, I put together a basic script/storyboard, then spent the next day directing/filming the content I needed. After another day of editing, the video was as close to finished as time would allow. Whole Foods was very pleased with the result, and aired the video at company meetings across the region.

Blood Culture Draw Training Video

This video was produced for Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA. The video was intended to be watched by every new nurse hired at the hospital, and was made to instruct new nurses on the proper techniques in performing a blood culture draw.

The team at the hospital provided the script and gave me a deadline of 1 week. All filming and editing for the full 17 minute video was completed within that single week, and was donated to the hospital.

DrumSkull Drums Product Photography

Just a sampling of the thousands of products that I photographed during my time at Drumskull Drums.



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